Sunday, 16 December 2012

If it's and but's were candy and nuts ...

... we'd all have a merry christmas !

In Wales, it seems that a handful of people, a few hundred at most, will dictate that for every 100 people 19 will receive positive discrimination, a positive discrimination that will disadvantage the other 81 people, these few hundred people will dictate a particular evolution for society in Wales, the majority who look for employment in the public sector will be required to comply with a simple diktat, comply or accept 2nd class citizenship or move to England ..............
... and this diktat is :
... become fluent in the Welsh language, in the face of linguistic evolution that is marginalising the language year on year.
It doesn't matter to the "old elites" of Wales that an overwhelming majority live their lives without the Welsh language.

It doesn't matter to the "old elites" of Wales that an overwhelming majority are indifferent  to the Welsh language.

It doesn't matter to the "old elites" of Wales that an overwhelming majority prefer Hollywood to the Welsh language television.

It doesn't matter to the "old elites" of Wales that an overwhelming majority do business without the Welsh language on the international stage.
... I prefer a free society, it doesn't have to be pretty, I prefer it to be multicultural mess reflecting the reality of society in the 21st century.

So it might be time to say "No More" to the re-inventors of a Wales that died a century or more ago, did it ever exist I wonder ?

So it might be time to send a message that we favour "more freedom and less government"...
to experience the hideous vision of Wales read the Welsh language group's 'manifesto' call after census

... there is little freedom and much more government accompanying the proposals, a charter for a dictatorship of "old elites", for an example of reality try the link to NY, this is probably the way Welsh will go, time to create a mausoleum for the scholars of the future, then there is Manchester.....


  1. It's called sustainability and respecting the communities many of us live in. In a world being taken over by big business, corporations and anglo american culture surely we should pride in our uniqueness, identity and culture. The trouble with your free market attitude to culture is that it merely allows the strongest to decimate everybody else-its a stuff the Welsh attitude. We need to take positive steps, in what is only a fairly small area of Wales in the end to ensure our unique identity

  2. John (and Anonymous) - sorry this is so long.

    Just a little background before an unashamed Englishman joins the debate:

    My father was from New Quay (Cei Newydd if you like) he spoke Welsh as did his father. My mother (from the Valleys - Aberdare) spoke only English as most working class people did, and still do today. I have many relatives in Aberdare - none speak Welsh. Which is a shame. But they are still very, very Welsh. They deserve the same opportunities as anyone else.

    Me? I'm English - That is because that is where I live. This place is my commitment.

    Like John I regard it as preposterous that a person should be regarded as more (or less) worthy simply because they speak a minority language or have particular skin colour or whatever. This sort of discrimination is only one step from Eugenics and "racial purity" (et al and very much ad nauseum).

    Promotion of a nations culture is a good thing but when it is used as a vehicle for
    discrimination against the majority by a minority it adopts a darker perspective.

    There is no excuse for reducing employment opportunities for anyone simply because they cannot speak a minority cultural language.

    There are other ways to promote a Welsh cultural identity other than discriminating against (and alienating) the majority Welsh population.

    I would suspect that this discrimination is the product of a Welsh speaking metropolitan elite who simply wish to promote their own position over that of the common folk. Sadly this is a problem the world over. Certainly it is here in Dorset too.

    Those who wish to promote an elitist and discriminatory system will inevitably alienate the very people they claim to represent. Simultaneously they will betray those same people by discouraging inward investment.

    Few ethical companies are going to move to a country that discriminates against most of its own population.

    After all, nobody likes bigots.