Monday, 30 September 2013

Wee Eck, "Mr Hypothetical", ...

... is living up to his reputation, skilfully creating a political void that only Cameron can fill, unable to answer questions that the electorate are asking about a future Scotland Salmond and political clan chiefs are leading the Scots towards, he does what he does, he creates a blue smoke and mirror crises, he sends a challenge to shift the question from "Scottish Independence" to "Westminster is not our government ! ".

Salmond has said Mr Cameron's government was "central to the entire referendum debate from the perspective of the No campaign", and voters had the right to know the details of the prime minister's alternative constitutional arrangements to independence.
Wrong on the first count,  "Westminster is central to the entire referendum debate from the perspective of the YES campaign", without a stick to beat Great Britain Salmond cannot win.  He needs to try harder and inject a degree of honesty into his campaign.

Wrong on the second count,an alternative constitutional arrangements to independence would only be designed with the approval of all the devolved administrations and Westminster (Commons and Lords), the future of the UK is not for Salmond to decide.

A simple question that Salmond should answer is ...

... "exactly how would your Scotland be a better place to live than the United Kingdom?"

He could carry Scotland with him with the right answer, but has he the courage ...

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