Friday, 29 November 2013

The SNP are desperate ...

... for a debate ...

... between Cameron and Salmond, but Cameron knows that if he put a toe into the referendum pond the SNP would probably get a swing to independence, as Cameron said, the referendum is between the Scots;  the currency and EU will sink Salmond, unless he gets Cameron on camera ..... poor fools!


  1. On currency, it's interesting to see that the Governor of the BoE has today said that he'll conduct talks with the Scottish Government regarding a shared currency following a Yes vote. So where the Unionist politicians refuse to discuss post-Yes possibilities, the BoE are willing. It will be interesting to see what the outcome of those discussions will be.

    And on the EU, a major success for UKIP in the upcoming European Elections could, ironically, push many undecided (largely pro-European) Scotts to vote 'Yes', coming to the conclusion that an independent Scotland is a safer bet for them to remain EU citizens than staying in an increasingly isolationist Eurosceptic UK.

    Iwan Rhys

  2. We cannot be certain at present exactly where the BoE is going with the invitation, although the BoE should be independent, I'm not certain this independence divorces it from the wishes of politics, are there Westminster fingers behind the strings manipulating the various actors.
    The UK is not leaving Europe, we are too integrated as a people, the promised referendum is good for democracy.

  3. LISTEN, the 'english' to quote Fat Eck will bury Scotland! got it! the fool does'nt grasp exactly who he is dealing with - he has no trump cards - also under international law, Scotland is only entitled to 8% of oil revenues, that's right, 8% - the same proportion as the population - so his 'dream' of unbridled oil wealth is crap, bet you have'nt seen this mentioned anywhere! as for UK not leaving EU, would'nt be too sure about that, the whole rotten empire could collapse, let's hope.