Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Miserable would call me ....

anti-Welsh, label me less than my forefathers, a more spiteful commentator you would be hard put to find ......

Scream and the whole world screams with you, or so Miserable would have you think, read his latest invective here.

I cannot imagine a world where people like miserable would hold sway over how I lived my life ... just one of the reasons we voted by post a definite "No", alwyn ap Huw, a very miserable person.


  1. Thanks John, but can you answer a rather simple question? Who had the guts to ask for lead No campaign status - ME!

    Who jibed out - your lot!

    But thank you for giving your vote to my No Not Good Enough Campaign!

  2. I think it was a question of money Alwyn, also time.

    There is little an individual or small group of people can do in the face of the array of organisations that see opportunities for themselves rather than for the democracy.

    You might like to consider the petition I an presenting on the 9th May to enhance democracy at the Assembly, it can be read at