Friday, 25 February 2011

Poor Jack, eccentric perhaps, but ...

... his voice, his opinion, his observations, well they are suppressed by ... who knows.

The latest suppression related to a link to the Walesonline website, an article related to an IWA published document that is titled "Unique paths to devolution", no big deal, a paper by largely irrelevant people on a subject that is ...... irrelevant.

Poor Jack, poor electorate, poor Wales, where "freedom of expression" is suppressed because someone just doesn't like what was written, when in fact all Jack wrote were the two words ... "very interesting" .

BBC link to Jacks censored contribution, at comment 39.

The reason for the suppression is the document in question supports the slippery path to independence theory.

As heard on Dragons Eye last night, the nationalists of Wales need to grow up, their "isolationist pacamac mentality" is past its sell by date, freedom of expression is too valuable a commodity to leave in the lost property department of devolution.

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