Saturday, 31 March 2012

... abolish the National Assembly?

Would that be right, should the British Government (Westminster) be able to abolish the Welsh Assembly and its associated government ?

Carwyn Jones thinks not (but what turkey ever votes for Christmas), are there circumstances that it is essential that Westminster is able to abolish the Assembly, after all,Wales is part of that greater Britain, it is part of a democratic whole.

If the governance of Wales became oppressive, or belligerent to the British Government Westminster should have the ability to close Cardiff Bay, much as Cardiff Bay closed democratic (unruly) Anglesey. 

If policing had been devolved, could WAG be trusted to cooperate across forces, would Carwyn have approved of the busing in of the police during the miners strike.

Of course VM has asked a vital question in this political dilemma .... do we have the calibre of leaders that we trust, or the institutions strong enough (Westminster aside) to hold Carwyn and chums to task, I doubt it very much.

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