Sunday, 24 June 2012

It's a scandal ...

... he said, the fact that housing benefit in the United Kingdom costs the taxpayers £2 Billion every year.
For the many thousands of people from across the world who visit my blog each week, housing benefit in the UK is described here .... and here.
It was David Cameron that believes the £2 Billion annual cost to be a scandal, I agree with him, but for very different reasons ...

To qualify for this benefit you will be either without work, or have a job with such low pay (full or part-time) that you will not survive without the taxpayers transferring part of their earnings through taxation.

No doubt there are those in society that abuse the system, but on reflection, industry has a need to answer the allegation that they abuse their employees by paying wages that require benefits to exist.

Who commits the crime, the individual without the job needing a home for his or frequently her family, or those who created this world that imposes the need for taxpayers subsidy ?


  1. Good grief John I agree with you, always nice when it happens. I worry about the whole in work tax benefit system, where a person on minimum wage is not able to afford to live and the tax payer subsidises their wages. Housing benefit is one of those subsidies that should not happen, not in the sense of withdrawing it from the person taking it, but ensuring that a living wage is paid.

    I think a look at the Speenhamland system

  2. John I really do dislike that version of a rUK flag, can't you find something with St David's Cross in?

  3. The Speenhamland system is as flawed as the system we employ, it is time to attack poverty, only when when poverty is defeated will the war be won.

    Taxation is the first battle, a simple single allowance with a set rate for all else, the all else is all earnings, no exception, if its made here its taxed in full here.

    The flag is very clean though, where would the gold cross be put, the black background would be depressing ....