Thursday, 20 September 2012

High double standards, a prerogative in Wales where ...

....  do as I say, not as I do, is the preferred way of  Carwyn and chums ...

In June, Health Minister Lesley Griffiths said she would be instructing all seven local health boards (LHBs) in Wales to publish their own corporate risk registers on their websites to :
... assess the likelihood of each risk ..., assess the impact ..., and have counter-measures in place should a risk become reality...
Carwyn Jones [the first minister] personally turned down a BBC Wales request under the Freedom of Information Act to see the government's corporate risk register.
... he said its disclosure would cause "substantial harm".
The registers are a list of all risks an organisation faces, here it is our Cardiff Bay administration.   
The risks assessed include financial, security and IT,  though not restricted to the three important considerations.
The chair of the assembly's public accounts committee, said...
"It smacks of double standards".
 ... the administration said ...
"Publishing risk registers may also appear to legitimise possible but unlikely risks"
"This could prejudice and distort informed public debate about important issues which in turn could have an impact on the conduct of public affairs"
Now myself, I have a need to see the truth, to see the difficult decisions governance deals with each day, I don't have a problem with political warts, I particularly have a need to judge the decision makers by their real actions not the spin.

It's a black day for democracy when political tyranny becomes the norm.

How long before the next election ? 

Is UKIP standing in Caerphilly at the next election ?


  1. IF you think not publishing risk registers is "political tyranny" what a sheltered life you must lead. Idiot!

  2. You might choose to comment without anonymity, fool .......