Monday, 17 September 2012

... a magnificent mediocre piece of Plaid rhetoric by ...

... Wood and Company, I sense the hand of moderators, I sense the hand of Price shackled by the Plaid faithful afraid who fear her triumphant victory earlier this year ....

 ... during June this year Wood announced:
Wales will be independent within a generation and part of a British "neighbourhood of nations".
... this weekend Plaid-speak is of:
  • A new mutual[s] bringing together the best of the skills of the public and private sectors to push forward a Welsh New Deal in order to kick-start the economy.
  • Establish a home grown series of new finance institutions to fill the void left by the London-based banks’ reluctance to lend to fledging businesses.
  • Seek to create tax breaks for pension funds investing in Wales.
 Maybe Plaid-speak should be replaced by Politico-speak, because the words lack the virtue that honesty brings to a conversation.

The mutual is not the creature of politics, it is the manifestation of the working man and woman deciding to take the future into their own hands, occasionally the mutual might be the creation of a philanthropist, John Spedan Lewis created the John Lewis Partnership, so how does the Wood-Price partnership propose to create this brave new mutual world from the markets of the world.

Much like the mutual vision, the Politico-speak of the Wood-Price partnership is a shallow pond of political thought floating on the assumption that the electorate are in a permanent state of sleep.  Why do I believe this, well, creating new financial institutions requires capital, the only way a politician has to create such a beast is to either fund it with our taxes or to guarantee its borrowings with our taxes.  This is close to deception.

Tax breaks from the creatures of the left, this has to be an oxymoron, its not tax breaks that the electorate are looking for, its tax equality, we need all tax breaks to be removed, we need taxes to be paid by everyone and every organisation ...

No stakeholder politics from Plaid, I wonder what Carwyn Jones is planning for the peoples of Wales?

... but going back to Woods predictions of independence within a generation,there's nothing from Brecon to encourage the Plaid Party faithful or worry Plaid's political adversaries, Plaid is regressing to its activist past .................

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  1. John - Leanne's policies are very similiar to the Democrats in the USA, creating a clean, green economy by increasing public investment in the economy, and spending it not on things like highways but on things that are necessary for a sound and sustainable ecology,spending on public transport, new energy sources, etc.

    Wales's economic underdevelopment is the biggest hurdle to our progress.Our economy has been in decline for 20 years thanks to Thatcher and Major, Wales is the poorest nation in the UK, things have got change.

    Did you know John that Wales is a net exporter of energy at the moment and that amount of energy will increase.

    Leanne Wood focus on the economy and job creation should be applauded. As someone once said "It is Wales alone that can lift Wales from the dust."