Monday, 18 February 2013

A new constitution for Plaid is a ...

... little too late to save its bacon, as I wrote at the BBC blog of David Cornock:

One of the reasons nationalism in Wales is a lost cause rests with the internationalism of culture, when the e-reader recently came of age with the "Fire" version, culture as epitomised by the Plaid movement was lost to the film-makers of Hollywood and Far East programmers ...

What is expected by political pundits is a lurch to the left in an attempt to garner the traditional Labour faithful disenchanted by a decade, or more, of the party settling into the centre of political life;  unfortunately for the 5% who yearn for separation, the majority prefer the comfort of belonging to a larger family that is Britain.


  1. So I can't at the same wish indepedence for Wales to be self governing while enjoying listening to music and watching movies (mainly American)?? Strange logic.

  2. .. you can most certainly, but given a choice between dialog about separation or gaming across the internet, Call Of Duty wins with the generation that Plaid needs to float Wales from the UK.