Saturday, 23 February 2013

No, but, yeah, but, no, but...

... sums up politics in Wales, where the Health Ministers' plan for ground-breaking organ transplant legislation in fact changes little !

Not for the faint hearted, confused in the extreme ...

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...It becomes apparent that ...

... nothing is in fact going to change.
  • Government takes control of the deceased
  • then hands back to the family final consent
  •  ... and friends of the deceased
  • no matter what decision the deceased had made
  • any uncertainty will halt the process.
 We arrive at the 30 minute point and the committee introduces the concept of "Trumping" into law, could this be a first for WAG, we have a law that seems to be designed to confuse, by the 43rd minute trumping becomes an established expression .....

Although this legislation manages "no change", having said that, if a convicted prisoner is moved to Cardiff Prison from Bristol (44 minutes into the recording), he becomes eligible for the virtual organ transplant programme, will the Secretary of State for Wales seek a judicial review to give prisoners a green exemption card, or will WAG use this perfectly useless legislation as a first step on the road to the separation of England and Wales criminal justice ?

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