Saturday, 3 September 2011

How do you trust someone you ...

... do not really know ?

You must trust in what you know about them  !

Just a couple of throw away lines I heard in a play, not a particularly memorable play, except for the couple of lines that put on the line "personal judgement".

And if you don't know anything about them  ..... don't trust a word they utter !
Plaid Cymru spokesman for local government, Rhodri Glyn Thomas, has called on the Welsh Government to look at Plaid Cymru’s Build4Wales proposal as opposed to PFI arrangements.
... two issues, do you know the "man" or the "men and women" who devised the proposal ...... myself, the answer to both questions is "No", therefore I trust the proposal not at all.

But I hear the accusation "... but you know few of the people who you have read over the years, yet you trust their work!"

True, though I distrust much that doesn't have evidence to examine, this particular proposal has little other than smoke and mirrors.

And what about Caerphilly, its administration said PFIs were the only solution to deliver its major projects such as two new schools.  A spokeswoman for the council said...
"The council has entered into PFI arrangements over the last decade to fund key schemes, including the construction of two state-of-the-art secondary schools as well as a much-needed road scheme in Blackwood.  The PFI option was considered to be the most practical way forward at the time in order to deliver these major projects, while producing value for money for the council taxpayer."
The Caerphilly administration are the very same Political Party that is denouncing PFI, so what do the Assembly Government have to say about the issue ...
A Welsh Government spokesman said: “Local authorities are, unlike the Welsh Government, able to borrow directly. So PFI contracts are certainly not the only way in which authorities can raise finance for investment.  In the current year, for example, local authorities in Wales intend to borrow more than £250m to fund investment. This means that councils in Wales have been able to maintain capital investment in 2011-12 (£1.06bn) at around the same level as in 2010-11 (£1.08bn).
So, how do you trust someone you do not really know to do the right thing ....... toss a coin is as safe an option as any, except if one party sits diametrically opposed to your politics.

The original article is here.

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