Friday, 9 September 2011

Jill Evans has decided she is above the law ...

... and refused to pay her TV licence, pay as the rest of us do !

Info ...
It’s against the law to watch or record TV programmes as they're being shown on TV without a valid licence. This includes the use of devices such as a TV, computer, mobile phone, games console, digital box or DVD/VHS recorder.

Watching TV without a valid licence is a criminal offence. This can lead to prosecution, a court appearance and a fine of up to £1,000 (not including legal costs). The exceptions are in Guernsey where the maximum fine is £2,000 and Jersey it is £500.
It costs £145.50 for a colour and £49.00 for a black and white TV Licence.
So for European Union representative Jill Evans, I expect the penalty to be applied with a certain vigour, the maximum as she is in effect, with the support of Plaid Cymru I heard on today's news, advocating mass evasion of the licence fee.

Can this political poltroon continue to serve as an MEP if she has her deserved criminal record ?

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