Thursday, 1 September 2011

Marketing froth, or is there something more ...

... afoot, well it doesn't seem democratic, and considering "Labour gave a cast-iron guarantee at the last Assembly election that they would retain the current structure of 22 for their entire term of office ( - source Betsan Powys)", it smacks of a dictatorship, or does it.

Out go 22 democratically elected councils and in come 22 democratically elected tiddlers + 6 super imposed quangos with bully boy Local Government Minister Carl Sargeant sitting on a strategic shoulder, much like a pirates parrot but with political cudgel, it does come across as "dictator in motion", it might have been different if only he had asked first ....

.... or could it be simple gerrymandering of outcomes, in a little less than 5 years the Labour Party will be going to the polls and unlike the remainder will be able to gainsay every success found in the reorganised government enterprises (police, education etc.), the not so successful outcomes will be discarded as so much flotsam.

A win-win situation for Labour as the left leaning electorate jump the Plaid ship, and Liberal Democrats haemorrhage its faithful to the call of Carwyn, this is all about winning the next election, not about serving the public. If it was about serving the public Sargeant might have suggested a single police force, after-all there's only 3 million of us, but he doesn't suggest, he dictates, tricky old world our 21st century Wales.

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