Monday, 14 November 2011

If you build it, they will ...

... come to the market.

Two quiet reports have made the news, both should have been shouted from the rooftops of our various political houses, and surprise surprise, it is not just Westminster that is able to act, our very own Assembly is able to contribute to the solution and share considerable kudos with Westminster !

The first report relates to the governments (Westminster) intention to inject billions into the economy, with the proviso that each investment be sold onto various markets, energy, various infrastructure such as roads and hospitals, and the Coup de grâce is social housing.

The second report in today's Times by the country’s largest listed residential landlord "Grainger" that predicts the shortage of housing will force 50% of the population to rent by 2026.

One man's desperation is another man's opportunity, and this particular conundrum opens the door for Carwyn into Downing Street, not with a begging bowl, but with an opportunity to share in the finance bowl.  The intention is not to coerce businesses into building for the future, but for government to under-right projects that would then be sold on to those best fitted to finance and manage the ensuing business.

Carwyn is positioned to gain capital for much needed social housing, such projects do not have to be sold on to outfits such as Grainger, there would be sufficient time for existing social landlords local to the Principality, though in the larger scheme it wouldn't matter a jot as long as the peoples of Wales could live in good homes.

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