Sunday, 20 November 2011

Wales through the eyes of the Times ...

...journalist Giles Coren :

God, I love Wales. And I love the Welsh. They are so much more mellow, more at peace with themselves and with the world, than the people of this United Kingdom’s other smaller nations. They’re not all up in your face with their tedious folklore and nationalist yearnings and the anti-imperial truisms of long, fighty memory. They’re not all wiry and shouty and drunk and thinking they invented poetry. They just chill their boots in their gorgeous country, and speak to each other in the lilting calypso of their magical language – no doubt about what terrible bastards the rest of us are – and sing their songs and eat their wonderful food and look out at the sea. 
  ... yesterday 19 Nov 2011, he obviously missed the ten percent that would float Wales off into the Irish sea, fortunately for the reputation of the peoples of Wales.


  1. What utter patronising claptrap by Giles Coren.

  2. At least he was kind about the language. Unlike some in the media. Like that prat Roger Lewis.