Sunday, 13 November 2011

It's a roller-coaster world that a life-changing ...

... condition presents to the unwary, it focuses the mind, cutting through the crap and identifying those that would have you change your life to suit their unbecoming style, particularly politics, and it is here I would start.

There exists in cyberspace an anonymous creature that uses the penname "Welsh Ramblings", he writes here of Wales and his vision of a very socialist society, to give credit, there is consistency, a single minded purpose to drive Wales into the arms of a Albanian style dictatorship of the 1950's.  The latest diatribe consists of an attack on the WAG Labour administration entitled "Labour: against Welsh democracy", it is because the penny has dropped amongst the Cardiff Bay politicians that "First Past the Post" produces stronger government, I wrote following the last election that the Labour Party would have a governable majority were it not for the system that introduces losers into the political equation.

Democracy is left at the ballot box as the electorate make their choice, what comes after should be "winner takes all", who wants anything other than winners at the Assembly.

Peter Black today wrote ...
In fact the mandate for the Assembly's voting system lies in the 1997 referendum, when voters supported a partially proportional system of electing AMs, in which the constituency boundaries were tied to those for Westminster.
... Liberal Democratic bullshit, the electorate were given two choice questions:

  • I agree that there should be a Welsh Assembly.
  • I do not agree that there should be a Welsh Assembly.
... no mention of voting systems on that particular ballot paper, the recent referendum did ask the electorate whether it was their wish to move from the FPTP currently used for National Elections, the electorate made a categoric choice, it wishes to keep FPTP rejecting second place politics.  It was politicians and their familiars that created the Wales voting system, not the people.

... a message to Peter Black goes something like "........... the electorate, we do not like lies."

And to finish my Sunday night post, I was diagnosed as diabetic just three weeks ago, I am fortunate it is only Type 1; medication, diet and exercise has taken over my life, fortunately it doesn't affect the mind, not just yet anyway.

... and congratulations to Jon and Miranda on the arrival of Amelie, a pretty little girl.

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  1. Stony
    as a fellow type 2 diabetic, my sympathies.
    You can control it without drugs I do, and have a normal life.
    Get the weight off fast, no tight clothing round the waist, make sure you exercise daily (walk the dog perhaps, big breakfast (plenty of fried tomatoes), small lunch, and tiny dinner. Check your blood & weight every morning and graph the result - Good days you can sin a little, bad days stick to the regime.