Thursday, 26 May 2011

Regional lists, would Leanne Wood have ...

... been elected, as a constituency candidate rather than as her Party's preference if there had not been the regional vote and party lists' ......

 As an elected regional member for South Wales Central this AM was elected in the face of a very strong Labour preference, Labour, although having three times the vote of Wood, had no success in the regional election, this is a travesty; if the constituency were dual constituency elections, there is little doubt that based on the percentage of vote gained by Labour for each of the constituencies Labour would have a majority at the Assembly today.  If Leanne Wood had stood in either of her 3 very local constituencies she would not have a seat in our Assembly today, the same goes for the other 11 AMs from their part lists.  Glamorgan Central, East and West would be Labour with a solitary Conservative from Monmouth.

But that would not be fair, the other political parties cry out, what about the people who voted for us, the voice of unpopular politics.  There seems to be a certain confusion, have we not just rejected, by a huge majority, the idea of proportionality during UK wide general elections when the vast majority of voters said "No" to the AV proposition, including the Wales vote, could it be the electorate in Wales was passing judgement on the "list" system in Wales.

Who designed and imposed the undemocratic on our democracy ?


  1. good analysis. The lib dems got 9% of the total vote and ended up with 5 a.m.'s which is around 9% of the total .
    Proportionality does give more plurality .

  2. You really are a very stupid man.

  3. You are a very anonymous ........ but I will take your ire as a compliment.

  4. Who designed and imposed the undemocratic on our democracy ?

    designed by Labour, for the sole benefit of Labour

  5. Not so anon 17.15, designed to give a voice to party's without a sufficient mandate using first past the post, unfortunately in an attempt to include the unelectable democracy was tampered with, and as I wrote above, the electorate prefer FPTP both in Wales and UK wide.