Sunday, 22 May 2011

Turn a blind eye ...

... seems to be the buzzword at Betsan's blog, the storm in a teacup at the assembly.

In my personal experience, if you turn a blind eye, it becomes impossible thereafter to apply the principle. 

Our police are inclined to turn a blind eye, though only where they are diverted to something deemed more urgent or serious, a resources issue, at the Assembly there is plenty of time, resources in abundance, hot air by the dirigible full.  It could or should use this episode to demonstrate the pursuit of Wales political excellence.

I wonder what might have changed in the world if we hadn't turned an international blind eye, would the Syrian dictator be murdering the people of Syria, would Gaddafi have bombed the people of Libya, would Apartheid have lasted so long in South Africa.

Closer to home, Alex Salmond has raised his corpulent head above the political parapet, this man of the Scots people has decreed today that post independence our nuclear submarines will no longer be welcome, though with his jowly arrogance he suggests that Faslane as a base would be retained in partnership with our British government.

There are 10,000 jobs related to our nuclear submarine base in Scotland, it is time to bite the bullet and transfer the base out of the reach of Salmond, I'm sure the Devonport skill-base would welcome the opportunity to look after our nuclear fleet.  Salmond feeds the fire of independence, it is time that plans are put in place to begin the disengagement as soon as possible, if Whitehall are under the impression that the Scottish question is going away, they are wide of the mark, bring the submarines south as soon as possible, and bring the jobs not the jobbers.

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