Sunday, 29 May 2011

... butt out Alun Ffred Jones, there's a ...

... better man in charge at the Assembly, a man of a party that wasn't rejected by the electorate as was Plaid the separatist party of Wales, if First Minister Carwyn Jones takes another month to establish the Assembly and its various committees so be it, all the better for good governance.

To read Ffred's criticism of our Assembly Government the BBC reports it here

As former culture minister, he might be wondering where his post has gone, has culture been relegated to the peoples of Wales where it should be rather than a personal fiefdom allocated to the nationalists, it seems so, I guess culture is going to reflect society rather than the over the shoulder reflection of a pastoral Wales that hasn't existed for many a generation, the preferred culture of yesterday's party.

... for the great unwashed the removal of this position removes a distraction that Wales politics can do without.


  1. Culture should have it's own portfolio. as should tourism and Sport. Why not create a few more positions? There is 30 labour a.m.'s after all not 10.
    Alun Ffred jones never could be bothered to reply to my query so he will not get a positive affirmation here.

  2. ... is it a case less is more, time will tell.