Sunday, 29 May 2011

Our Queen fears ...

... for the break-up of the UK, if Alex "Jowles" Salmond has his perverted way there might be cause for concern, in Wales the nationalists are a spent force, so until they re-group there is time to ameliorate the fundamental reasons why the could succeed.

First things first, our Government must insert an amendment into the Scottish Bill to present a referendum on Scottish independence as soon as is practicable, say the first Thursday following May Day 2012, the Salmond distraction needs putting to bed one way or the other.

During her Silver Jubilee she said ...
I cannot forget that I was crowned Queen of the United Kingdom , Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
... the very silent majority might like to consider her words, for myself, the nationalists offer very little to the great British public, other than the wishes of their politicians to become large fishes in small ponds;  because they are unlikely ever to become anything other than the also ran fry that fail to develop into a meaningful "Salmon", they have an urgent need to succeed as soon as possible as the nationalist days are short indeed.


  1. yes but sadly you view is simply your view, please do not speak on the great british public for many do not see themselfs as british but either welsh english scotish etc, and if this is to be a issue lets all say we call ourselfs european.

    Not everyone is interested in the royals either, everyone has a opinion so please do not preach, let people make their own minds up.

    If the scots want to leave the union then let them be, this is the 21st centry times move on.

  2. ... great British public are the great British public, I refer you to Annabel Golding who recently explained to Jowls Salmond and the rest of his nationalist numpties that being Scottish and being British is the way forward, neither is mutually exclusive. Such a view that you probably disagree with ...... as is your want.

    As for being interested in the Royal family, I prefer a non-elected Head of State, our Queen fits the bill, and if I wish to support her in print it is my prerogative.

    As for the Scottish people, their wishes are their concern, the Queen expressed her wish that the current status would remain as it was when she crowned Queen of the United Kingdom , Great Britain and Northern Ireland.