Monday, 30 May 2011

... could I share three ...

... views of new Conservatism, an indication of where Conservatives are travelling, the vision of a Conservative future ...

... on The Civic State
The localism agenda and "Big Society" narrative can begin to gradually break down the monolithic state into an associative society where citizens are more able to take over and run their own services and seek budgetary challenge.
... on The Moralised Market
A re-moralised market would reward responsible long-term investment and create the conditions for mass ownership and entrepreneurship and the real extension of opportunity. It would be so much better than what we have now.
 ... on The Associative Society
... is like this: good men and women take responsibility and attempt to ascertain the common good. And because they acknowledge that there is such a thing as the "common good," they can, in contrast to the liberal thesis of liberty arising from permanent conflict, make common cause with those who differ and create a free and equal society based on such a debate.
... recent writings of the political thinker and social-economic commentator Phillip Blond, he finished with ...
Contemporary transformative conservatism recognises that the common good is its true goal and is indeed the basis of the new Tory settlement.

Big football day today ...
... Swansea just scored its third goal, the Premier division beckons, apparently Reading supporters are leaving the ground.
... and the Final score, Swansea 4 - Reading 2.  Welcome to the Premier division.

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