Tuesday, 31 May 2011

... when a Salmon(d) and Sturgeon greet ...

... the other leaders of devolved Britain you can be sure that the Scots have a crisis in mind, constitutional or otherwise.  My guess is "Jowles" Salmond will use the meeting to create a wish list that our Westminster Government will find hard to accommodate without being seen to favour devolution over non-devolved administration, a list too far in Salmond's walk towards separation.

Crown Estate control must be high on the list, each of the devolved administrations have a geographical relationship to this pot of taxation, particularly the separatist elements.

Corporation tax, the crackpot politicians have an idea that there should be differing rates of tax depending upon geography, look what you are missing out on Carwyn ...... corpulent Alex will whisper.

Whatever the other devolved administrations eventually call for, Carwyn needs to consider how his electorate will react to further separation within the Union, because if Salmond achieves his published aims a constitutional rift will become a reality,  as sure as the sun rises in the East the wishes of the electorate in Wales are not the wishes of the North of Hadrians Wall separatists.

There is too much to do in Wales Carwyn, little time to join Salmond fiddling on castle walls.

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