Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Just like our Nationalist friends ...

... the wife of an Italian ex-con was knocking on the gaol doors asking to be taken back in, apparently the problem was his wife, during the week he had been free she didn't stop nagging him; for the nagging Italian wife read our UK separatist parties.

Our first nag is Miserable who cannot be satisfied without an Independent Wales.

We also have Penddu, no slippery slope but a stair to climb.

Then there is MH, the nationalist number cruncher.

At the bottom of the pile we find Mr Nutt of the Rhymney Valley and Alan Jones a Celtic traveller.

All have a negative view of Great Britain as a political unit, all are political nags, in essence a distraction Wales can do without.

I believe that Plaid Cymru has probably reached a plateau, a plateau it is quite comfortable with, a thinking persons political left wing, could it be in decline, could it be haemorrhaging its membership to new organisations being calved in the Separatist heartlands, try Jac, his views will attract the radical, notice the inflammatory use of "plantation", a reference to the 16th century movement of Scots into Ulster to the detriment of Irish Catholics, Jac sees people moving freely around Great Britain as a threat to his vision of the future, whereas the remainder see freedoms being exercised.

The answer to the separatist is not to ignore them, but to create a Wales that they cannot thrive, this disaffected group will not be won over to the majority view, but the majority can begin creating a world that disaffection is less than a distraction ..............

 ........... more an eccentricity.


  1. Penddu isnt a party - he is an individual with a view - just like yourself. And he doesnt come from the separatist heartland (by which I assume you mean Gwynedd) - He comes from Bridgend.

    And of the people you list above at least two of these includng myself are not members of Plaid.


  2. ... being party to a process, a programme, combining with others ... a party without a name possibly.

    ... but did you lend them your vote ?