Sunday, 8 May 2011

Why we need Wales politicians, not ...

Welsh politicians.  Simply because Wales is all the peoples that live in Wales, Welsh is perceived as linguistic by the peoples of Wales.

This coming week the Labour Party with exactly half the elected Assembly members have a mandate to govern through the Welsh Assembly Government, it should be the Wales Assembly Government, without entering into a coalition agreement with another party.  Besides there being no mandate from the electorate, good politics will out political spoilers, the message from the electorate is surely get on with it, sort out our priorities of Health and Education before you do anything else, after all,  it's not rocket science.

A humble message to the people of Syria, Libya and Egypt, democracy is worth the struggle, don't stop now (Persia might also like to look towards democracy but sort out your lines of communications), both leaders of Libya and Syria are now international criminals, don't hand them over to The Hague, prosecute them at home, that's how you achieve real justice, called revenge by some.

A not so humble message to the USA, the Yemen need time to remove the tyranny in their country, your drones will not help, get out, get out now and give democracy a chance, sometimes you can be short-sighted, so .....

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