Monday, 9 May 2011

Salmond will ask for Independence ...

... but might English people say go now.

I cannot find an instance of a region being forced to form a new state, only instances of people being expelled, for example following WWII many German pockets of population were repatriated back to Germany, but this was not quite the same.

Apparently above 65% of the England population support Scottish independence, a large figure indeed, the UK government doesn't need to create a spoiling action to counter the Salmond effect, it just needs to galvanise the public into demanding justice of expenditure.

In Wales the situation is much different, less than 5% of the population are calling for independence, an irrelevance politically speaking, socially it is doubtful whether the separatists could galvanise even this small percentage into splitting from the UK.

But North of the border is different, I could join the England 65% to support the expulsion of Scotland, whilst I believe devolution has good aspects, the legislative devolution that we have in Wales is a complete disaster for the United Kingdom because it encourages the disaffected towards separatism.

So I would support the call for Scotland, shape up or ship out, you have become just a little too high maintenance, much like the daughter with aspirations beyond my wallet, it's time for you to look for another treasury Scotland, you've taken to much to often of my taxes.

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