Friday, 6 May 2011

It's good news week in Wales ...

... Plaid has taken a thumping and the message from Caerphilly is thanks, but no thanks;  Plaid Cymru believed that Davies would add an apparent huge personal following to the last election count, wrong, the last election count was an anomaly, it was a vote for Davies in a tantrum having thrown his political toys out of the Caerphilly Labour bath water.  This man's last word on his defeat are "It's very sad, it undermines the whole point of devolution", what a fool he is, nobody wanted him ...

 ... and Jeff Cuthbert, well we voted for him to keep Plaid out, it wasn't necessary, but it's always best to be be safe than sorry, and although I wouldn't cross the road to congratulate our winner, he has been a good representative for the electorate during the last Assembly session.  A last word on Ron "turncoat - moment of madness" Davies, it's time for the man to get a job that doesn't involve putting his hands in the taxpayers pockets, retire Davies, retire today.

I tried to leave a comment at Wales Home, the account has been suspended ... I wrote ..
... waking to the news that Caerphilly rejected Plaid's Ron Davies was a little like waking Christmas morning, well done Jeff Cuthbert, thank you Santa ...

... and more good news from Carmarthen West & Pembrokeshire South, today it really is good news week  ...

Plaid have lost an Assembly mouth of quite large proportions, no doubt Evans will remain on the political scene through the patronage of Plaid, John Dixon's job is available after all ...

... and "all hail the electorate in Llanelli, Helen Mary "hush I know what's best for you" Jones has been given a political kicking by Labour, and it seems, a large proportion who feel she "didn'tput Llanelli first",

Unfortunately it seems Bethan "I have a vision with my green tinted glasses" Jenkins will take her perverse nationalist views back to the Assembly as will Leanne "left of Lenin" Wood,  well we cannot have everything, but second or third division politicians being elected for Plaid is perversely good news for Wales as they are not taken seriously outside the Assembly walls.


  1. Good post. Concerning Carm W and S Pemb I am convinced the best candidate came last. Selwyn Runnett is an excellent candidate, chair of Carms small business, small business man and business advisor and methodist minister.
    I think my little stint of promoting him took him over the 1,000 mark.

  2. Wales needs good people from the Liberal traditions, keep up the support for him and better polling next time.
    On the bright side both Kirsty and Peter Black will be welcome once again at the Assembly.

  3. "no doubt Evans will remain on the political scene through the patronage of Plaid, John Dixon's job is available after all ..."

    John Dixon wasn't remunerated for his role as party chairman.

    WalesHome is up and running again. The high volume of traffic to the site on election night prompted the server host to stick a gun to our heads. Again.

    Like your site makeover.

  4. Shame about John Dixon leaving, he had integrity and lots of good ideas.

    I look in at WalesHome two or three times a day, I would comment more but haven't the time to put together much more than very small comments, then find I am unable to follow up, a time thing.

    Thank you ...

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  6. What a sad, bitter little man you are.

  7. Not at all little, not bitter, just dislike Plaid with a vengeance, Plaid which is an irrelevance to modern Wales, not wanted on the journey.

    A Conservative voter, it was difficult, but I gave my vote to Labour to help keep Plaid out of Caerphilly, it seems I wasn't alone.