Saturday, 28 May 2011

Do you know the Lord Peter ...

... who comments at WalesOnline, his latest can be found here where the discussions are regarding BBC cuts.

He writes ...

What’s all the fuss about? BBC Wales and S4C will have to merge .With the BBC Wales funding and now the burden of S4C set to being picked up through the licence fee, Wales will have a disproportionately large amount of money given to broadcasting.

If certain a sports programme or broadcasts in Welsh don't attract audiences, so what? Scrap them! It isn't rocket science.

The Boneheaded remark from shadow minister Owen Smith that “Our broadcasters must have the resources to properly reflect our distinct culture, history and heritage.” Is complete tosh.

On no they don’t, that is not what broadcasters are there for, and it is that sort of politicising everything in Wales that has ruined our education and health services as well as burdening the whole of the U.K. with the £100millon + bill for the doomed, unnecessary, and pointless S4C in the first place.

The days of the Welsh speaking TAFFIA elite having influence over the vast majority of people in Wales will have to come to an end, with the tail wagging the dog no more.

This Government is giving the whole of the U.K. a long overdue wakeup call in many respects, and BBC Wales joining the real world is just one of them.

A different point of view to our local politicians, Bethan Jenkins for example has written here about the great damaging impact it will have, unfortunately it is in Welsh, the Google translation is not particularly good, maybe she should present an English translation as she used to, or maybe not, there is sufficient Plaid propaganda in the world.

Then Mathew Rees continues ...

I mostly agree with Lord Peter. I am a Welsh speaker and worked for BBC Wales and the idleness and complacency there is SHOCKING.

If Wales wants its own TV channel, that's fine but you can't expect the rest of the UK to prop it up when virtually nobody watches the channel. It should either be an online-only thing paid for by subscription or 3-4 hours of quality programming every night similar to BBC Alba.

I am proud of Wales and to be Welsh but from what I saw, people in that building would be stacking shelves if they didn't speak Welsh, while Welsh people who don't speak the language have little hope of getting a foothold on the media career ladder.

This is a long time coming and a long time deserved, I'm sorry to say.

... at First Minister’s Questions Bethan Jenkins continued her whinging and whining, she said:

“Given the shocking news of cuts this morning from London to BBC Wales’ budget and to the programmes of BBC Wales as well as the uncertainties facing S4C, would you now ask DCMS [the UK Government’s Department for Culture, Media and Sport] to devolve broadcasting to Wales so we can protect programming here in Wales.”

Can you imagine the tripe that would come from devolved broadcasting if it became the prerogative of political guidance, sorry Ms. Jenkins, you would need to convince the majority that your ideas of broadcasting could in any way be described as wanted, and of course there is the question of finance, would the number of households in Wales generate sufficient funds to satisfy the foibles of politics at the Assembly.


  1. If BBC Wales ceased to exist there would be massive savings. Most of all it could give private media companies more chance to compete at Welsh or local level.
    Scrap it.

  2. Would this be the case for all regional BBC I wonder.