Thursday, 2 June 2011

... all the better to see you, said ...

... Little Red Riding Hood, no not Miss Hood, but the public;  not for many a year has so much been spent without proper scrutiny by so few.

What do I refer to, not our Assembly Government, though there are certain cases for the historians to chew over, the current electorate have little chance to examine in detail spending during the last decade, the hot potato is S4C.

A spokeswoman for the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) said: "The government is committed to the future of Welsh language programming and to the future of S4C as a strong and independent Welsh TV service.
"We fully recognise the iconic status of the channel and the contribution it makes to the cultural and economic life of Wales.
"The S4C model is not sustainable in its present form, which is why government concluded that the best way to secure S4C's future while delivering a better service is through a partnership with the BBC.
"DCMS, S4C and the BBC Trust are working on the governance structure which will ensure that S4C will remain as an independent service, retaining its brand identity and editorial distinctiveness."
The message is simple, it is broken, it's going to get fixed, and in our judgement the BBC offers a way forward based upon excellence.

And the Archbishop of Wales Dr Barry Morgan wades in with ...

When S4C was first established, it was protected by legislation from political interference.
Dr Morgan is of course blinkered by the holy grail that is S4C, this monstrous cash consuming sacred cow of broadcasting is at present using £100 million of taxpayers hard earned salaries,a consumption with very little scrutiny, unless you consider the published viewing figures, statistics that have been consistently ignored by S4C management.

Well the worm has turned, for S4C to continue to exist it needs to reinvent itself so that taxpayers (license fee payers) feel the service contributes to the whole public; no longer should it be seen as Margaret Thatchers cave in to the linguistically marginalised in Wales, but as a public service.

Nationalist are calling for broadcasting to be devolved, including S4C, such a notion is at best regressive, at worst it is an attempt by politicians to gain control over a machine that could be turned to a political advantage, the viewing public have quite a different notion as to what is worth watching, sheep farming, albeit a fine occupation, is no match for the preferred public appetite for the celebrity.

S4C has declined to comment, says it all really.

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