Sunday, 26 June 2011

... Sargeant's spite, Stalin would be proud ...

... of Local Government Minister Carl Sargeant, yet unlike Stalin he is looking towards the Gulag for the bureaucrats, the Local Authority commissars, the BBC take on the story is here.

Sargeant demonstrates an uncanny lack of intelect and judgement when he says ...
The staffing structure at the 22 councils was outdated, with too many of them independently hiring chief executives over the last year without looking at other options.
... has he forgotten his halcyon days working at the chemical factory, he would remember the company sharing CEO's with neighbouring companies, it didn't happen did it Carl, we all know that an organisation needs a leader, in a LA we call him or her a chief executive.

Now the crux of the matter, he continued ...
"I am expecting much more progress in this area. If I do not see it, I will have to consider other more directive options to force the pace."
I will attempt an interpretation ...

"... do as I say and remember Anglesey, he did it his way to miss-quote Frank Sinatra ..."

... there is a very real problem at Cardiff Bay, there exists a democratic dictatorship, which at times is not very democratic.

Many political pundits agree that there are too many local authorities in Wales, the original county structure was very representative and should be reintroduced as soon as possible.  This would not be rolling back the clock for the sake of it, it makes sense to have less government, particularly with the additional layer at the Assembly.

And one last point .... news from the Assembly .... certain AM's are accused of 'breaching trust' by employing their relatives, including Carl Sargeant, Labour, Alyn and Deeside who supliments the family income by empolying his wife as a constituency assistant, working 12 hours per week, on salary band 1, £21,548 – £30,635 (full time equivalent annual pay)

Stalin had one rule for himself and another rule made up as he went along for everyone else ... so for local politicians everywhere, remember the immortal words ...

... before you mess with the Sargeant, aka Mack the fish-knife..

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