Tuesday, 14 June 2011

... Leanne Wood bumps her gums, I say there's plenty of time Carwyn, ...

... you have five years, all bar the shouting, to govern;  take your time to develop a programme of governance that Wales deserves.

Like most Plaid members and pundits, Wood is desperate to have a topic that will divert attention from her separatist party and its woes.  She said "... when nobody takes responsibility... things do not happen", well maybe its a case of "σπεῦδε βραδέως", things will happen, but without Plaid in the nest.  

Woody would like the First Minister  "... to drive things forward", unfortunately any direction that this particular politician might like to go is hardly the first choice of the First Minister, the last four years would be enough to last a lifetime.

The sky isn't about to fall on our heads, the schools still teach, the hospitals still heal, "Slow Food" is preferable to the greasy spoon takeaway advocated by the Welsh Assembly losers.

"Hasten slowly".

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