Thursday, 9 June 2011

... when David Melding says England and Wales cannot ...

... survive separated from Scotland, we know the writer has an agenda, this career politician is no political nihilist, he has a single vision for the political future, a federated Britain.  You can read his latest argument here.

Has there ever been a country that has been de-constructed and then reconstructed into a federated political unit, I don't think so, I do know of countries de-constructed into new political units we call countries, the USSR being a recent good example.

One of his arguments seems to be "devolution" is "federalism", but a federalism without dotting the i's and crossing the t's, or as he put it "Devolution divides sovereignty without the girdle of a constitutional settlement."

His arguments, although plausible are fundamentally flawed, Scotland was lost to the Union at devolution, devolution was the lazy politicians answer to unhappy politicians, if you step outside the circle of politicians, and their activists, devolution is irrelevant to daily life, except in Scotland where the SNP consider devolution to be the precursor of independence, and have over many years created a parallel universe North of Hadrian's Wall, today the Scots separatists probably have a critical mass sufficient to carry the day for Scottish independence.

There are two options, fight the separatists for 50 years or help them on their way today so that the remainder of us can get on with life.  There is no benefit from the distraction that separatists bring to our world, a world where we have comfort in stability;  let the Scots go, watch the SNP victory parade that takes them from our shared jurisdiction we call the Union, into the very large arms we call Europe.  For the little people of Scotland there will be little change, for the rest of us the background din of separatist vitriol will diminish to a vague historic murmur.  Let us help them on their way, tell the Scottish people at every opportunity that independence for Scotland is their best option for their future, help Alex Salmond march his people to this new future with Colours flying, drums beating and bayonets fixed.

Back to Melding, he wants to fight Salmond and the SNP to protect the Union as it is just now, he calls for a "Convention for a renewed and federal Union", note the term "federal", the man believes that more hot air is going to quieten the Scots, it is not a renewal we need but an exit ticket for Alex Salmond with a well prepared exit strategy for what will remain ... and remember, if the Union could win the day against separation, Salmond and chums would still be beating their drums creating a distraction only he needs.

... and what would remain following separation with Scotland, 90% of the population who have probably not heard of David Melding nor his ideas for a very shaky future, and a shift southwards for things political.

So for Melding's political epiphany .....


... BULL****.

Let us all raise our glass to Scotland and wish them "bon voyage", and to Salmond and chums, lock the door on your way out please ......


  1. England needs the Scottish, Welsh and N Irish EU Regions for absolutely nothing!.

    English Parliament and Government NOW!.

  2. I hope you are happy to let Cornwall, Wales, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands go their own ways as well one day.

    Perhaps we could all have an old school reunion in a nice European city one day and talk about the old British imperial days over a few Belgian (or is it Flemish) beers.

  3. If Scotland goes, there will be lots of harridan voices piping up for their exit ticket.

    But I wonder how much local support they will actually get. Maybe they will end up like the busted flush that is currently Plaid Cymru.

    NI worries me too. NI is far more aligned historically to Scotland (both traditions) than the rest of the UK, so maybe if Scotland goes NI should go with them?

    As for the remaining rump, essentially England and Wales - I don't know.

    I think though that we need something better than the self serving elitist Westminster bureaucracy we currently have, and England really must have some form of identifiable government, and not just a vacuum like present.

    Wales, with its assembly, seems to have taken an interesting turn of late. Could they lead the way?

    But what should the format be? I don't know. But I'm open to suggestions.

  4. I agree with you Bill, particularly relating to Westminster and England. Your penultimate paragraph needs some thought as does your last.

  5. Good to see a fellow Englishman standing up for the loyal English of Wales. Good riddance to the Scots, all we need now is for the Englishmen of Wales to rise up and demolish their bureaucratic Assembly and reunite the principality within the historical Kingdom of England.