Tuesday, 28 June 2011

... can teachers be right to strike when ...

... the Head Master explained to John Humphrys that 84% of those who came to him, presumably last year, cannot read properly, in other words only 16 children in every hundred can read properly for their age.  Some 12 year-olds have a reading age of a four year-old.

Under the stewardship of the Welsh Assembly Government, and the supervision and scrutiny of every Welsh Assembly member since its inception during 1998, a whole generation of children have left or are leaving school ill-equipped for life beyond the boundaries of childhood, these young people do not realise how damaged our education system in Wales has made them, many are unemployable except as production labourers in a country that has little need for people unable to read, write and calculate.

We languish beneath England, NI and Scotland when tested, we in Wales languish well below the average for the developed world for reading, even lower for maths, and our politicians bleat to the electorate, we hear this characteristic cry of a goat as the Welsh Assembly education minister Leighton Andrews attempts to shift blame to the teachers ...

... and who do the teachers blame, the parents of course, and what exactly are teachers saying " ... many parents believe that education is something only for school", and it is, we cannot compete with the anarchy of learning through play, when children arrive at home parents are equipped to continue with a literacy or numeracy hour, sitting at a table with their children reading or writing or calculating an area, but learning through play ...

... this is educational bullshit.  Children need to know exactly where they are going, not where they might arrive.

It is time to set an agenda, turn the clock back to when Wales had two exports, "coal" and "teachers", to the days when parents wanted good schools.  We don't need experiments Minister, just good education that we all understand, desks, pens, paper, books, and someone out front who wants to teach our children, and the difficult children? ... you might find the structured approach is a little like a "comforter", something both children and teachers find .......... comfortable, less difficult.

And testing, schools, teachers, and children need testing, how else can we approve of our children's development .................... how else can we know things are working.

As for schools, our schools should all be like this one, each and every one, you have wasted so much money minister ............ you and your fellow Assembly Members and Teachers.

Back to Thursday, go on strike teachers and show the public exactly what you are ........ better at heckling than educating our children.

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