Sunday, 12 June 2011

Benefits slashed to £26,000 a year tax free, and freedom from work for ...

... the work-shy,  there are a good few taxpayers who would like such largess without the obligation to work; there are exceptions to the plans, exceptions that the taxpayers fully support, in particular those with special needs.

In Wales there are 77,000 people in Wales who have been claiming out-of-work benefits for 10 years or more, for those earning the basic minimum wage in the Rhondda living cheek by jowl with the undeserving it must be devastating; howdo you convince your children that it is important to work and contribute when, even at a young age, they are able to discern those that take advantage of the system set up to protect those with real needs.

So, should we welcome the government's new work scheme, with ministers promising it will give 2.4 million unemployed people help to find jobs over the next five years, many of our 77,000 should begin a second life that includes work ...

... the Work Foundation research group has warned the programme would do little to improve job prospects for people living in economically weaker areas of the UK, in Wales this would include towns such as Merthyr Tydfil where industry has shrunk these past decades, I wonder how our Cardiff Bay administration will fit into this new way of thinking, particularly in terms of growing the private sector whilst the public sector shrinks.

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