Sunday, 26 June 2011

I didn't realise how corrupt ...

... Greek society is, how incomprehensible, and the sheer Greek cheek expecting the poor of Britain to subsidise its debts that have been used for ...
  • ... children who inherit dead parents pensions.
  • ... MPs paid 16 monthly salaries each year.
  • ... bonuses paid to civil servants who wash their hands.
  • ... university professors who use research funds to buy card and houses.
  • ... luxury holidays for state employees.
  • ... €8 billion paid to power workers pension fund.
  • ... ministries where only half the staff turn up for work.
... and it goes on and on and on ...

The Greek deputy prime minister Theodros Pangalos, who recently said the people are as much to blame as the government for the country's €350 billion debt when he said "We ate the money together"....

.... and they continue to eat the money together, people retire at 40 but have to turn up in person at the bank once a year in order to prove they were still alive; the children of thousands of dead Greeks had been receiving their parents pensions for decades.

Chemists in Greece earn €35 for every €100 worth of drugs provided, in Germany it is €3.80, there are 4 times the number of teachers per pupil than in Finland which allegedly have the premier European education system.

It seems that Greece has one of the worse investment climates in the world, 96th place between Papua New Guinea and the Dominican Republic; if a Greek island were put on the market there is the issue of 2500 official licences and permits needed to conclude the sale.

It seems that every 6th Greek pays "fakelaki", "small envelopes", the slang for bribes to the tune of €1500 for each household, a total of €1 billion annually.  This is the country that wants the poor of Anglesey to subsidise its corruption.

Investors ask the question "Is there any point in investing", and then walk away, and so should the governments of Europe, walk away and don't look back ...

... unless you can give the honest taxpayers of Europe a good enough reason to continue the bailout of corruption.  I cannot think of a single good reason to bankroll this country.

In Wales our Assembly Government only wasted £100 million on business that generated no business, I think it is small thanks to their ineptitude, it could have been a £1 billion if they had really tried hard.  But we probably have a government neck to match the Greeks, our home grown Hart refuses to speak to our Westminster Government.  Is there something nasty in the Assembly Woodshed I wonder ...

... could it be for Wales read Greece.

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