Wednesday, 29 June 2011

When Alex Salmond said "the rocks will melt with the sun" ...

... many British taxpayers missed the context, he continued, "before he would bring in tuition fees for Scots."

He could have added, let the England and Northern Ireland and Wales pick up the tab, and if students from these countries that subsidise our Universities wish to come to our universities, they can pay through the nose; but if you come from outwith the UK, Salmond will subsidise your education through the largess of the taxpayers of England and Northern Ireland and Wales.

In Wales, or more to the point, "of Wales", Peter Hain is bumping his gums again, but rather than being concerned with his Neath constituency and Wales he is worried about the future face of "British Politics" where the Labour Party might never be able to govern again, "good news week" for many observers.

It is the call for an "English Parliament", or at least a Parliament that MP's from devolved regions would not vote on issues that were devolved, it seems fair to me but Hain thinks otherwise, he sees the issue as the thin end of the wedge, the eve of destruction for the Union.  Where has he been these last 10 years or more, the Union as he knows it is well and truly over, it has been for a decade.

From Jamaica an interesting proposition, "... most islanders believe the country would have been better off if it had remained a British colony."  In Wales the nationalists consider our relationship within the United Kingdom to be colonial, bullshit of course, ours is an artificial divide, the only way fourth division politics can achieve any semblance of power, parish councillors who would govern our lives ...... except for sport, Wales does grow exceedingly good sportsmen and women at times.

And over the pond that is the Atlantic, the good people of Canada have come to love the monarchy ... whilst in Wales, well I written about it before, a sad world ...

... and my walking stick, well it's not a sexy as  Beyoncé, and not as useful as a Sheleighly, the Celtic word for a club or type of hand weapon, referred to in Ireland lore as the mighty protector “ ...

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