Saturday, 4 June 2011

I feel lucky, when I get .....

... up in the morning, there is no sound of helicopters engaging military establishments or armed checkpoints.  Can you hear the sounds of thousands protesting against government atrocities, and the sniper fire in the distance, reports of dozens killed.  And it doesn't matter whether I belong to either the Shia or Sunni peoples in Bahrain, I know that I will not be abused by a secret police.

The FIA have stamped on the face of humanity by caving into the wants of the Bahrain government by re-scheduling this years race in the face of the suppression of the people of the country.  "This is welcome news for all of Bahrain," said Zayed Rashid Alzayani, he also said ""As a country we have faced a difficult time, but stability has returned ... ", he didn't mention the secret police attrocities.

... back home in the Caerphilly basin where I live, my Saturdays and Sundays will not include the sounds of Bernie Ecclestone's Formula 1, there are some things more important than two hours of sport ............. not being kidnapped during the night by Bahrain's secret police is one, freedom of association another, and the freedom to protest against injustice is so important to humanity.

Bernie Ecclestone, by re-scheduling the race sends a message to me that secret police kidnapping, preventing free association and preventing protest is OK by him, obviously we have different sets of ethics.

In Wales we have little to protest, soon there will be the official opening of the Assembly in Cardiff, our elected representatives will be there to welcome our Queen, except Leanne Wood the Plaid Cymru member; we have to ignore her behaviour she is allowed bad manners.  We demonstrate the the rest of the world that British democracy accommodates even those who would destroy our world.


  1. This is a man that believes he is above all that you engage. But are you Mr Perfect - have you also crossed the line once or twice. Yes, you are lucky to wake in your own bed without the fear of a visit by the secret police. Should you yourself plead forgiveness?

    The Queen

  2. ... there is no Mr. or Mrs. perfect hereabouts, and yes I have been intolerant of others, but we are not talking about perfection or intolerance, I have written of crimes by governments against the peoples of their countries, just as Ratko Mladic has been brought to justice so should these other tyrants.

    Guilty of intolerance I have been, is this what I should plead forgiveness of, or am I guilty of more ?

    Somehow, I think you might not be "The Queen".

  3. Well said John.

    A fine Welsh Band once wrote a song using an old Spanish anti-fascist poster banner.

    "If you tolerate this, then your children will be next"

    The trouble is, many (all?) large corporations, like FIA put their bottom line a long way above any moral imperative. They don't have to worry about their children, and they certainly don't worry about anyone else's.

    Once we start to "tolerate" the likes of Bahrain and accommodate their cruelty then we really are on the slippery slope.

    As to the comment from "The Queen". I would like to point out that sometimes a level of intolerence towards cruelty, stupidity and political self-serving is a good thing.

    Perhaps John is guilty of these. But then, I hope I am too!