Friday, 3 June 2011

A moral dilema for ...

... the FIA.  Shia or Sunni, does it make a difference how people worship their God, apparently so, if you live in Bahrain.

The Sunni have taken to suppression based on the way people follow the teachings of Muhammad ibn ‘Abdullāh, it seems that in Bahrain the Sunni rule whilst the Shia not so much drool but hide away from government abuse, there exists a secret police that perform outrageous acts of humiliation and torture upon the Bahraini people, see today's Times page 31 "Letter from Bahrain", it makes a democrat weep.

... and this is where I feel sick to the bottom of my stomach, I believe every person has a right to a life free of abuse, and in and around Bahrain there are discussions as to whether the cancelled Formula 1 race should go ahead.  In Bahrain, where the government is responsible for the sectarian atrocities against it people, there is no moral case for doing business with the regime, and the race is business.

... as Damon Hill said of Formula 1 and the FIA, "If the bottom line(money) is the only criteria, then it (the criteria) is a bad one".  He continued "You cannot say that anything is for sale regardless of the moral position that contradicts ...".

I for one as a follower of Racing since the days of Graham Hill, Damon's father, will not watch Formula 1 from Bahrain, if the FIA restores Bahrain to the Formula 1 calendar the question I must ask myself is "will I watch other races".

No, I don't think so, because if the FIA return to Bahrain there is a tacit support by the FIA for the suppression of humanity, an unacceptable condition for any business or Government.

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