Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Will the First Minister and Leanne Wood become the unwilling bedmates ...

... this Summer and Autumn, can we look forward to the spectacle of our Odysseus of Wales (Carwyn) as unwilling bedmate of Kalypso (Wood), in the up and coming national spate between those that govern (Westminster) and those that wish to govern (trade unions).

Of interest to the public will be whether Carwyn will continue to govern during a strike of Public Sector workers or will he join Leanne Wood on a picket line outside the government buildings in Wales.  As reported 24 March 2010, "First Minister Carwyn Jones said Labour and Plaid members "would be very concerned" about crossing picket lines of striking PCS union members." The full BBC report can be read here.
PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka has warned that up to 750,000 public-sector workers in total could be taking coordinated strike action on 30 June, the biggest outbreak of industrial unrest in the public sector for many years.
All Assembly members should be expected at their desks on the 30th June as a demonstration to the public that their job is to govern not acquiesce to any interest group, to give confidence to the public there should be a very public show by all AM's crossing the picket lines.

Interested readers might remember last year when Labour AM for Caerphilly Jeff Cuthbert said when speaking of the Lib Dems ...
"They know as well as anyone that Labour AMs will be working tomorrow, as we did during the previous strike action, but we will not be crossing the picket line."
It's not good enough, cross the lines and demonstrate the ability to govern in all circumstances, not just take the easy options ....

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