Monday, 13 June 2011

... does Westminster think the £12 billion will be enough for the Scots, and ...

... who exactly will be underwriting this largess, not the Scots, but the British taxpayers as a whole.  It is time our MP's had their bumps felt, had a chat to a psychiatrist in a darkened room; do they think for a moment that Salmond will stop at the £12 billion, what next will this corpulent through the looking glass character demand ?

Not a difficult question to answer, Salmond said: "Let's welcome the element of concession today as a down-payment on what Scotland needs .....", he continued "I doubt if it's of the scale and the size that the Scottish Parliament is looking for ..............".

Down-payment on what exactly .... well for a start "... control of corporation tax and the Crown Estate revenue", there is this perception that low corporation tax will give an advantage to Scotland over the South East / Eastern regions where most wealth is generated, the poor fools, it is modern innovation and invention that makes this part of Britain a magnet for investment.

The Crown Estate revenue is probably a dose of Salmond's "blue smoke and mirrors", the poor Scots public probably think it includes revenues from gas and oil, both are excluded, but both are in the nationalist wish list, when the public discover the exclusion I am sure that Salmond will stoke up a fire of indignation, followed by the strut of a petty dictator, cue a constitutional argument Westminster will be unable to counter with logic in the face of the "mars bar in batter" public of Glasgow.

Whichever way you look at the Scots demand, Scots win whilst the rest of us pay up one way or another ...

... enough should be enough.

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