Monday, 20 June 2011

Carwyn Jones et al, an interesting message ...

... left yesterday.
This is a man who won't cross the picket lines of those trying to derail the necessary reorganisation of Public Services.
The comment refers to the First Minister Carwyn Jones, it is a big problem, the man needs to cross the picket line to demonstrate his strength of character, to demonstrate to the public that his role is governance in the public interest even where he might find it simpler to be elsewhere on the day.

Opening a fund-raising event will not be good enough, needs must that on the day he crosses the line.

... and of course it applies to those others who have been democratically elected to govern, not just to govern on behalf of a minority group, on the day each and every Assembly Member will need to attend their office at Cardiff Bay, if they fail this test they fail the test of leadership.

The First Minister will need to demonstrate courage not cowardice.

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