Monday, 13 June 2011

...Plaid's Ieuan Wyn Jones must hang in there ...

... otherwise the leadership plans laid down three years ago would come to nothing.

The young turks of nationalist Wales are calling for immediate change at the top, unwittingly the foot soldiers who are desperate for a charge towards independent Wales are preventing Plaid Cymru leadership from controlling the process of change.

Calls from certain activists not long out of nappies (napkins, diaper's) are putting forward Leanne "left of Lenin in the march towards a red sunset" Wood, read all about her here, what a coup for all things Unionist, can you imagine her giving her best at Plaid Cymru conference, her 19th century politics of the left coupled with separation ... bring it on Woody.

So what are the leadership plans, look towards the man who said :

"..... So let’s today salute them: dissenters, the mavericks and heretics, pioneers and prime movers."
...... the man who meant :
As long as the "dissenters, the mavericks and heretics, pioneers and prime movers" agree with his narrow and perverse view of our world.
... Adam Price.

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