Friday, 17 June 2011

We will not ...

... create legislation for the sake of it; the words of Wales First Minister, the words that the electorate have been waiting for, wise words in fact.

Carwyn in fact is sending a message to the other political groups at the Assembly that there needs to be a real need for laws before considering new legislation, and of course, there needs to be the support of the electorate.
The Conservatives' assembly leader, Paul Davies, said: "It is disappointing that after weeks of dithering, ministers have yet to bring forward a coherent programme for government.
Disappointing words from a politician who is little more than a caretaker Conservative, better if he had asked if there was anything the Conservatives in Cardiff Bay could do to help.
Plaid Cymru leader Ieuan Wyn Jones said he was disappointed by the content of the first minister's statement and that it seemed likely AMs would not debate the government's programme before the summer recess.
What's there to debate, you lost the election big time, you will either support or oppose legislation, if a new law needs modification because of a flaw missed by the legislators then speak up, that's what you are paid for, that's what the electorate expect.  The content belongs to the election winners, not the also ran.
Welsh Liberal Democrat leader Kirsty Williams said: "I am not clear why the government is being as coy as they are with regards their legislative programme for the forthcoming five years. ... I guess we are where we are and the government will keep us waiting a little bit longer before we have some meat on the bones with regard to how we will use the new powers that the people have bestowed upon us and it's somewhat disappointing that our initial response to those powers is the statement we have before us this afternoon."
Just because you can doesn't mean there is a need for new laws, be patient and give to legislation the qualities the electorate expect from your liberal tradition.

... and to the BBC a small reminder, you are not a democratically elected body, try reporting the news rather than making it.

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