Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Carwyn Jones came out of the closet ...

... when he said "... having the UK government decide on future wind farm plans is a 'slap in the face' for Wales", that would be the "Nationalist closet".

The First Minister also has a spokesman who is reported as saying "... it was ridiculous that the people of Wales cannot decide on such matters", presumably the same person said "The statement by DECC is a slap in the face for the people of Wales", in addition the "presumably unelected separatist" said "It's a ridiculous state of affairs that the people of Wales cannot decide on such matters. Why are the UK Government so afraid of Welsh people having control over their own energy resources, like they do in Scotland?"

The next question for the First Minister would be "when do you officially become anointed with the separatist mantel, or crown possibly".

No longer is it "England and Wales", it is officially "England" and "Wales".

What next ........... for this "Welsh Assembly Government".


  1. The wind farm issue is directly attributable to "Tan 8" and the decision to make Wales self sufficient in renewable energy (Wind) by buying in technology from overseas.

    Had money and effort been spent on development and research into other renewables, Wales by now would be as far ahead as Scotland, and we would have an indigenous industry.

    Carwen's bleating is pure political spin - the problem we have with wind farms is directly due to the incompetance of past Labour Assembly Governments and he knows it.

  2. Without a political axe to grind, is it just the administration, or is the Assembly as a whole culpable ?

    Surely when "Tan 8" was in the process of development as a policy the other AM's were scrutinising on behalf of the electorate ?