Sunday, 12 June 2011

Cheryl Gillan steps up to the plate ...

... and challenges the government's "landmark" high speed rail project.  Now whether her stance is because the route cuts through her constituency of Chesham and Amersham or because she sees the futility of such a project in the face of marginal benefits and huge costs (£33 billion) during chastened times is up for debate.

On record as saying "If the project goes ahead, I would resign the whip ... " adding " ... unless the PM tells me he would allow me to vote against it", there are not a few this side of the Severn who would advocate the obscene expenditure to remove her as Secretary of State for Wales.

The Labour MP Susan Elan Jones has differing views, she has stated that "... either she (Cheryl Gillan) starts putting the interests of Wales first or she makes way for someone who can", a study by the University of Glamorgan claims the High Speed route to Birmingham would benefit the economies of North and Mid Wales.

Over to you Cheryl, I always thought there were other projects more appropriate to hard times.

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