Sunday, 30 October 2011

Anti-capitalistm, attogram a ...

... meniscus tear and if the pain wasn't tough enough I discovered last Thursday I am diabetic, the world does suck at times.

They sit outside Saint Paul's cathedral under banners that proclaim "Capitalism isn't working", their right to freedom of expression should not detract from their misunderstanding of commerce.  Capitalism is working well, it is the mechanism that delivers my shirt at a price I am willing to pay in sufficient quantities to satisfy demand.  Now if the camps proclaimed the markets as having flaws that can be rectified through the use of the law they would have a case, monopoly power supply in the UK is one such case, monopoly or oligopoly (the decisions of one firm influence, and are influenced by, the decisions of other firms, it raises prices and restrict production in much the same way as a monopoly).

Unfortunately the protesters add to their message "Capitalism isn't working" the words "another world is possible", no word on what exactly this other world might be.  Public opinion on the other hand is mixed, a majority tells the authorities to evict the protesters, another majority tells Saint Paul's it was wrong to close, yet another majority tells the world that they support the aims of the protesters.  Weird times .........

On farming subsidies, do we all, including the poor of Anglesey, subsidise the lamb roast of Carwyn Jones, or should Carwyn Jones pay the real price of Welsh lamb, such is the case of farming subsidies.

Still no news on when my torn meniscus is to be repaired, having put down my loss of weight these past months to the pain in my knee, I was quite devastated when our GP diagnosed me as being diabetic ..............

.............. attogram, the weight of a typical e-book downloaded to the Amazon Kindle, lighter than a print book.

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