Sunday, 2 October 2011

... new European Union referendum on the cards ...

... after a petition signed by more than 100,000 people was submitted to MPs, the Commons Backbench Business Committee will agree to grant a one-day debate on a referendum after parliament returns from its summer recess next week, the debate, thought to take place before Christmas, would be the first seeking the public’s opinion since the historic 1975 decision to join the Common Market, (source The Sunday Times 2 Oct 2011).

The single question uppermost on many minds is ....
... why should we have an open door policy to economic migration, why should the poor of Anglesey or Tyne and Wear pay taxes that are used to subsidise foreign workers.

A second question might be ...
... should we continue to be dictated to by the unelected poltroons of Europe who decide to impose social conditions upon Britain without a mandate bought at the ballot box.

An interesting debate if the politicians voice the concerns of their electorate, and there are more than the two questions I might ask.

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