Sunday, 11 December 2011

From the desk of Larry Edelson ...

... "It’s the hidden dangers that matter most" ...
No matter what scheme Europe’s leaders come up with this weekend, the euro is toast. It was destined to fail right from the beginning.
You see, way back in 1998, I told everyone who would listen that Europe’s attempt at a single currency would fail. I even pegged the year 2012 as the period when the euro would breathe its final breath.
The problem is simply this: The euro was ill-conceived to begin with. The European Union left all the national banks in place, like central banks. They left all the individual countries’ debts in place and failed to create any semblance of a fiscal unity.

Further, they failed to reform tax and labor laws, leaving a hodgepodge of rules and regulations in place, none of which supported any foundation for a single currency.

Perhaps worst of all, they failed to recognize the many different cultures in Europe, not to mention the 28 different official languages spoken.

In short, Europe’s leaders created a disaster, and now the world is paying the price.

The latest proposal, if enacted this weekend, will make matters worse for the euro. Germany’s Angela Merkel and France’s Nicolas Sarkozy are pushing hard to rewrite the European Union’s main treaty to give it power over the national budgets of the Union’s members.

That simply will not work. It amounts to asking countries such as Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Ireland — to give up their sovereignty and place their destinies in the hands of the stronger countries in Europe, namely Germany and France. Fat chance of that going well.
The truth of the matter is
that as ill as Europe’s currency is,
the U.S. dollar isn’t faring much better either.

For one thing, the U.S. dollar is also riddled with unpayable sovereign debts and obligations to the tune of $145 trillion. That’s 25 times worse than the combined debts of all European Union member countries.

For another, our fearless leaders in Washington know full well that our debts are patently unpayable.
That’s why Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke never hesitates when it comes to printing up more money. He knows that the only possible way out is to inflate away the debts, by devaluing the dollar and paying off the debts down the road with cheaper dollars.

It’s also why I believe President Obama and Treasury Secretary Geithner are lying to you.

I know, that’s a bold statement. But they’re not idiots. They are steeped in the history of currency devaluations. And they too know that the only chance the United States has to potentially defuse the ticking U.S. debt bomb is to shift the blame to China by accusing Beijing of maintaining policies that support an undervalued yuan.

But that’s nothing but political cover for what President Obama and Secretary Geithner really want because ...
A rise in the value of the yuan, by default,
means a decline in the value of the dollar.
I know it’s hard to believe that Washington is selling you out. I know it’s hard to believe that I’m forecasting further dollar devaluations when hardly anyone else is and when nearly all eyes are glued to Europe and its implosion.

But I’ve never let that stop me. I always tell it like I see it. And I learned long ago that it’s not the obvious that matters most when it comes to your investments — like Europe disintegrating.

Quite the contrary, it’s the unobvious that matters most. It’s the hidden dangers that can wreak the most havoc on your wealth.

Earlier this week, I showed you a chart of the U.S. Dollar Index and how miserable the dollar’s performance is. I will show it again for a third time and please, study it carefully.

Despite all the talk about the U.S. dollar benefitting from the European debt crisis, the Dollar Index remains well below important resistance on this chart. You can clearly see it.

I suggest you print it out and keep it handy. Because when the Dollar Index breaks the low point on the right side of the chart, it may be too late to fully protect your wealth.

Don’t wait until that happens. Take the necessary steps to protect and grow your wealth NOW, before it’s too late.

One of those steps should be viewing my video on the looming dollar disaster. It’s well worth your time. By watching it in its entirety (only about 35 minutes), you’ll be able to download six free profit guides that I’ve designed to help you protect your wealth.

You can view the video now by clicking here.

Best wishes,
Larry Edelson

Mr. Edelson has an agenda, he wishes to sell his services, but the message of fear ..... how much is truth ?

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