Sunday, 4 December 2011

Perhaps, ...

Professor Sir Mansel Aylward said on today's BBC Wales Politics Show ...
"We're not going to get many more chances - in the past we had plenty of money and perhaps we spent it wrongly,"
If the NHS in Wales were a work of art, aesthetics might conclude it not worthy to be viewed in the worlds top galleries, The Louvre would say 'non' and The Deutsche Guggenheim might cry "nien";  whilst in Wales the public it should be serving is reticent in its public condemnation, and our political representatives are lounging at the Cardiff Bay club for useless rhetoric, oblivious to the reality of the situation.

Might we apply a criteria to politics as we do with a painting, could we call for quality ............

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  1. To me the NHS is less like an oil painting but more like a beloved child.

    The state and health of that child is directly related to its guardians who are those elected to provide governance to the child.

    You can have guardians that neglect the child. Careless guardians who let it wither and languish.

    Alternatively you can have guardians who indulge every whim of the child so it becomes fat and lazy.

    Both of these guardians are equally betraying the child.

    A good guardian is an active guardian. Someone who is interested and active in the development of that child.

    How many of our politicians today (whether in Wales or England) actually give a toss about how the NHS is run or whether resources are skillfully used? The NHS is the ultimate political football, continuously used for point scoring and score settling.

    If the NHS really was a child, then the social services would have been called in a long time ago.