Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A sense of purpose, ...

... where quality might be measured in a meaningful way ...

... it could be Heathrow airport, a country within a country, people working together with two simple aims, to launch people into the air and to catch them on their return.

... it might be a British rail company, again a country within a country, a very similar activity to an airport where people are sent along steel tracks to destinations throughout the United Kingdom, very often these same people are welcomed back to their point of departure on the same day.

... our power generation companies are a little different in that they deliver their goods directly to your door with little contact, we even trust these companies to dip into our bank accounts and take funds to meet our consumption.

... the supermarket chains set up shop throughout the country, they construct huge warehouses that welcome goods from all over the world, delivered on time directed by an army of buyers concious of our preferences.

... and these activities are duplicated by the thousands, located throughout the country, and in each case the survival of these businesses are dependent upon the customers who vote directly in real time through their purchases, the measure of quality ...

... or is it !

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